26" Bamboo and Fiberglass Complete
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Introducing our 26" tri-axial fiberglass and bamboo platform. The intent of this deck, and complete, is to be the most versatile, beautiful, well balanced, and well rounded, longboard...ever.

- At 26" x 9.5" there is plenty of room, but not too much. This is a medium flex that will work for bigger and smaller folks too. The key is the combination of the 26" length combined with the stance variation of bigger and smaller riders. The wider stance of bigger riders loads up the deck closer to the brackets, while the smaller stance of smaller riders loads up the center of the platform and gives more flex. The result is a lively and fun flex for a healthy range of rider sizes.

- Our testing has shown this composite deck holds its shape and pop better than any deck that we have exposed to our rigorous testing.

- Randal RII-42 degree baseplate trucks, combined with our brackets, can be set stable for speed. Or, wedge and de-wedge for the pump-ability, wheel clearance, and flexibility that only our patented bracket system offers.

- Orangatang 80mm Kegals, one of the most versatile and high quality wheels available on our world record builtin G|Bearings.

- You're going to like it. A lot. We promise. 


26" Bamboo and Fiberglass Complete

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